Harriers in Action

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Set contains two boards. Board A is for 2-6 players (each can play against everyone). Board B is for 2 or 4 players.


On the board A, six squadrons (teams) of Harriers compete at a military training area. Each team has a base with a runway and 5 platforms from which aircraft can takeoff and land vertically. In the bases are ammunition depots and anti-aircraft guns. They use training bombs and missiles.


Each player has a task to achieve as many hits as possible in the enemy bases. Every hit and shot down aircraft counts as one point. The game lasts as long as players have planes and bombs. The winner is the player who has the best ratio of given and received hits.


The other board (B) is predicted for two players (or two teams - Hot team and Cold team). Cold team has ships with ski jump runways and 5 smaller ships with platforms (concept of small ships where Harriers can takeoff / land). Hot team has platforms and ski jump runways on land. Each team has 12 planes and two transport helicopters. Helicopters carry commandos and if one of them lands in an enemy base - that is the end and victory. In case that nobody manages to do it, the winner is determined the same way as described for the board A - counting caused and received hits. On the board B are used markers of AA guns (each team has 3 of them) which can be placed anywhere in own territory / waters.



Box 34 x 24 x 5 cm (13,5 x 9,5 x 2 in); Board A : 94 x 62 cm (37 x 24,5 in); Board B : 64 x 48 cm (25 x 19 in); 2 control panels; 40 pieces (harriers and helicopters in flight); 40 markers (harriers and helicopters on ground); 144 markers (armament); 6 markers (AA guns); 12 markers (damage); 7 dice; and detailed rules.