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Mortar Hunt

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Straightforward and simple to play.

Destroy your opponent’s vehicles before they destroy you.

Just three pieces each. Two areas of 12x4 squares. No line of sight, the only intel you have is the location of your opponent’s previous shots. Mind games at their best.


The board has coordinates and a picture of a compass, that play the crucial role in the game, as each player must keep track of the positions and actions of their vehicles. You must be truthful when keeping track, as the players should compare their notes upon game end.


Players play their turns alternately, with the white player playing first. Each turn consists of a mandatory movement sequence and an optional firing. Each turn, a player moves exactly one piece, and movement consists of a maximum of 3 steps. One step can be a move to the square directly in front, directly behind, or a rotation by 45°. A backwards moving sequence is a little bit specific, as it consists of only one step, directly backwards. It is important to know that the final position and/or orientation must be different from the initial one (it is not allowed to rotate the piece first to one side and then to the other, leaving it on the same square and in the same direction).

The game pieces have a determined firing range (3-5 squares for the Heavy Mortars, and 5-7 for the Light Howitzer).

Firing isn’t mandatory on each turn, however, there must be at least one firing action every 3 consecutive turns. The firing action is announced by a loud and clear statement of the targeted square on the opponents half. In the case of a hit, the destroyed vehicle is turned to the side, and it doesn’t participate in the game in any way from that moment on.  


And that’s it. The rest is being unpredictable.

The game is produced in two variants, Standard and Light. The Light version has the same main components as the Standard version, and the only differences are the lighter box and the lighter boards, made of thinner cardboard. And no worries, the Light version comes in an additional, protective box, to guarantee reaching you in perfect condition.

You can order Mortar Hunt right here on our website. Delivery in 3-5 working days!

Happy hunting!

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