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8 August 2018

Another new game - MORTAR HUNT

It could be stated that this game is just one special scenario for playing Tank Chess. Although the rules of movement and shooting are almost identical, it is still a separate game because it requires each player to have their own board (12x9 squares). The boards are separated by an obstacle, so the players cannot see the opponent’s pieces and their formation.

The aim of the game is to locate and destroy the opponent’s Mortars (there are 3 on each side) by shooting over the obstacle in the middle. Each move has to be written down in a pad (you write down coordinates of the pieces that moved and the coordinates of the square targeted on the opponent's half). The game relies on a special psychological factor because the player is required to use their intuition to determine where the opponent could move their Mortars and which way they will run when under pressure.

Similar to the Tankball, we made several prototypes and soon we will produce the first larger batch of the Light version and a smaller batch of the standard, high-quality variant.

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