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23 August 2018


The game Tank Chess was offered in three basic versions during the Kickstarter campaign (plus the expansions and some special variants):

- For the basic version of the game, a plastic injection molding tool has already been made and the game has been produced in enough quantities for all backers, retailers and for future sales through the web store. The production of the cardboard elements is done by the renowned company INPRINT from Cacak, the company DMS Plast from Belgrade is in charge of the molding of the pieces, while the final assembly and packaging is done in our company;

- The Deluxe version, for the time being, isn’t planned in a serial production, so we’ve made enough copies for all Kickstarter backers and further sales through our site, but not for retailers;

- The Pocket version has created great interest and the production is currently in progress for all backers and retailers who ordered through Kickstarter. However, there is a bottleneck in production, which is the production of pieces on 3D printers, so we are never going to be able to offer this version of the game in large series.
Instead, we decided to create another version of the game that will be based on the molded pieces we already have the tool for – the Light version. We‘ve already made a series of 800 sets. Unlike the Pocket version, the box contains both boards (16x16 and 20x20). The box is slightly smaller than the Main game box (20x24x3 cm instead of 24x24x4 cm), and it is made (as well as the boards) of thinner cardboard. Although it contains almost all the elements the Main game contains, the price of this version will be more than three times lower. We believe this edition will be extremely popular in the coming period.
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