Panzer Strike: France 1944 - Pocket

The game represents a tank battle in some French town during 1944. On each side (Allied and German) are three types of tanks: light, medium and heavy. In fact, a simple game with countless tactical combinations.

Characteristics of tanks are in tables A, B and C (speed, armor, gun ...).

Table A is with average characteristics of light, medium and heavy tanks. In tables B and C are characteristics of some specific tanks.

Table B: on German side are Tiger, Pz.IV and Pz.38t ; and on allied side are Churchill, Sherman and Covenanter.

Table C: Tiger II, Panther and Pz.III vs Sherman Jumbo, Sherman Firefly and Hellcat.

Board is double sided, on one side is northern part of the town, and on the other is southern part. Different configurations of the board are possible (see GIF picture below).

By purchasing two sets you can combine two boards and get one larger board (and more tanks).


Box 13 x 11 x 2,5 cm (5 x 4 x 1 in); Board (double sided) 42 x 32 cm (16 x 12 in); 60 plastic pieces (2x8 heavy, 2x12 medium and 2x10 light tanks); 5 dice; ruler; short rules and 2 tables.