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How to get everything in Wave 2 (and save on shipping fee!)


When completing BackerKit survey, first click "switch your pledge level" below the green button.


Then select "$0 Reward - No reward" pledge level, and click "Switch".


If a pop-up window shows up, click "OK". This means that if some information is entered in the survey, it will be reset. Your funds pledged on Kickstarter will still count in the pledge manager, as credit.


Now click "Get Started" button and complete the pledge manager survey.


In the "ADD-ONS" section of the survey, beside expansions or other add-ons, choose one of the options under title "Basic game → to be shipped in Wave 2 (in a single package)".
This way, the basic game won't be shipped in Wave 1, and you will save on shipping fee because everything will be shipped in Wave 2.

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