February 2020

New order from Noble Knight Games

In a short time, our customer from USA has sold out some of our games: Tank Chess, Fun Set, Central Square, Mini Golf and Dogfight. A new quantity is shipped right away.

February 2020

Mini batch of game Forest of Radgost

Our workshop produced main cardboard components for mini batch of game Forest of Radgost ( ). This sumptuous game is a work of Serbian authors Ivan, Aleksandra and Dimitrije Rajković. A couple of copies are sent to reviewers in different countries. A Kickstarter project is planned for this year.

January 2020

Export to USA

Company Noble Knight Games has ordered from us, taking all of our games we currently have in offer. Beside that, they have ordered some items from our offer of accessories and blank elements.

January 2020

Another publisher in Japan

Company K2 Publishing has ordered their version of Tank Chess in Japanese language. We have quickly produced the batch and shipped using UPS company. The sale will start in March.

December 26th, 2019

Starting the sale of accessories and blank elements

After long postponing, our e-shop is stocked with accessories and blank elements. In the coming period, the offer will be constantly updated.

December 15th, 2019

End of the campaign on BackerKit

The preorder period on the BackerKit platform for our Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 project has been completed. An additional $ 5780 was collected, totaling $ 15305 with the Kickstarter campaign.

December 2019

Exporting to Poland and Hungary

During this month, Tank Chess was shipped to Hungary, Poland and again to France (Philibert). A special version in Hungarian was made for our ComPaya associate from Budapest.

In Poland, besides Tank Chess, we've exported other games: TC Fun Set, Mortar Hunt, Panzer Strike Pocket and Water Polo.

November 22nd, 2019

Export to France and Germany

Philibert has ordered Tank Chess and its expansion Fun Set with rules in two languages: French and English.

Beside Tank Chess, we have shipped Mortar Hunt, Water Polo and Panzer Strike Pocket to a German distributor.

November 20th, 2019

Collaboration with UPS

The most favorable conditions (price, delivery time and paperwork) for transport of 340kg of goods to Japan, we have got from UPS company. We will continue collaboration for future export.

October 24-27th, 2019

Forsage Games team at the fair in Essen

As guests at Spieltrieb stand, we have presented our game Flying Saucers, which will have a Kickstarter campaign in 2020. Beside that, we have used the opportunity to present our games to publishers, manufacturers and distributors.

October 5th, 2019

Licence agreement

We have signed a licence agreement with our collaborator in China, for who we have already made Tank Chess in Chinese language. The agreement covers three of our war games which will be produced in China. Those are Light editions games: Dogfight, Naval Battle in Archipelago and Panzer Strike France 1940.

October 2019

Tank Chess in Ukraine

Tank Chess is getting more and more popular in Ukraine:

October 2019

Essen Fair

This year we were planning to participate in the Essen Game Fair for the first time, but we were too late to book the booth on time. However, we will be there as guests - authors at the booth of the German publisher Spieltrieb (Hall 2, Number 148). There, we will present our joint future project - the game "Flying Saucers".

Our team consists of three members so that someone will always be available to talk and present our other games. We will also have samples of white (blank) boxes, boards, cards, etc. in different sizes as we plan to start selling this "Blank program" soon through our site.

October 2nd, 2019

Japanese edition of Tank Chess

During September, our collaborator from Japan, Uchibacoya, has sold out a whole batch of Tank Chess and Fun Set in a very short time (mostly in preorder). Because of such selling pace, we have agreed to produce large batches of these games. By this, Uchibacoya has become the official publisher and distributor for Japanese market.

September 2019


In the second half of September, we have made deals with retailers from several countries (USA, UK, Romania, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden ...) for export of small or large quantities of our games. Tank Chess is still our best export item. Small batches in Dutch and Danish language are already produced (or prepared).

Beside Tank Chess, we have exported other our games: expansion Fun Set, Water Polo, Mortar Hunt and Mini Golf. For our collaborator in Japan, we have made a batch of Fun Sets in Japanese language.

Most of the goods are already shipped, and some orders are scheduled for October.

September 3rd, 2019

A beginning of export to Japan

As previously announced, we have made a full Japanese version of Tank Chess, and the first quantity is shipped to Japan.

August 25th, 2019

Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 preorder period starts

The preorder period will last until December 15th, 2019.

August 2019

Tank Chess in Japan

During the Kickstarter campaign, Tank Chess was very popular among Japanese backers. A number of praiseful articles in Japanese sites contributed significantly to this.

August 5th, 2019

A beginning of export to China

The first quantity of full Chinese version of Tank Chess is shipped to China!

July 2019

Tank Chess and Fun Set versions in French and Spanish

Immediately after the Tank Chess Kickstarter Campaign, many of our backers translated the rules and the brochure into their languages. Now we have prepared the games completely in French and Spanish and they are available for purchase through our site.

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