February 2020: New order from Noble Knight Games

In a short time, our customer from USA has sold out some of our games: Tank Chess, Fun Set, Central Square, Mini Golf and Dogfight. A new quantity is shipped right away.

February 2020: Mini batch of game Forest of Radgost

Our workshop produced main cardboard components for mini batch of game Forest of Radgost ( ). This sumptuous game is a work of Serbian authors Ivan, Aleksandra and Dimitrije Rajković. A couple of copies are sent to reviewers in different countries. A Kickstarter project is planned for this year.

January 2020: Export to USA

Company Noble Knight Games has ordered from us, taking all of our games we currently have in offer. Beside that, they have ordered some items from our offer of accessories and blank elements.

January 2020: Another publisher in Japan

Company K2 Publishing has ordered their version of Tank Chess in Japanese language. We have quickly produced the batch and shipped using UPS company. The sale will start in March.

December 26th, 2019: Starting the sale of accessories and blank elements

After long postponing, our e-shop is stocked with accessories and blank elements. In the coming period, the offer will be constantly updated.

December 15, 2019: End of the campaign on BackerKit

The preorder period on the BackerKit platform for our Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 project has been completed. An additional $ 5780 was collected, totaling $ 15305 with the Kickstarter campaign.

December 2019: Exporting to Poland and Hungary

During this month, Tank Chess was shipped to Hungary, Poland and again to France (Philibert). A special version in Hungarian was made for our ComPaya associate from Budapest.

In Poland, besides Tank Chess, we've exported other games: TC Fun Set, Mortar Hunt, Panzer Strike Pocket and Water Polo.

November 22nd, 2019: Export to France and Germany

Philibert has ordered Tank Chess and its expansion Fun Set with rules in two languages: French and English.


Beside Tank Chess, we have shipped Mortar Hunt, Water Polo and Panzer Strike Pocket to a German distributor.

November 20th, 2019:

Collaboration with UPS

The most favorable conditions (price, delivery time and paperwork) for transport of 340kg of goods to Japan, we have got from UPS company. We will continue collaboration for future export.

October 24-27, 2019: Forsage Games team at the fair in Essen

As guests at Spieltrieb stand, we have presented our game Flying Saucers, which will have a Kickstarter campaign in 2020. Beside that, we have used the opportunity to present our games to publishers, manufacturers and distributors.

October 2019: Tank Chess is more and more popular in Ukraine

October 2019: Essen Fair

This year we were planning to participate in the Essen Game Fair for the first time, but we were too late to book the booth on time. However, we will be there as guests - authors at the booth of the German publisher Spieltrieb (Hall 2, Number 148). There, we will present our joint future project - the game "Flying Saucers".

Our team consists of three members so that someone will always be available to talk and present our other games. We will also have samples of white (blank) boxes, boards, cards, etc. in different sizes as we plan to start selling this "Blank program" soon through our site.

October 5th, 2019: Licence agreement

We have signed a licence agreement with our collaborator in China, for who we have already made Tank Chess in Chinese language. The agreement covers three of our war games which will be produced in China. Those are Light editions games: Dogfight, Naval Battle in Archipelago and Panzer Strike France 1940.

October 2nd, 2019: Japanese edition of Tank Chess

During September, our collaborator from Japan, Uchibacoya, has sold out a whole batch of Tank Chess and Fun Set in a very short time (mostly in preorder). Because of such selling pace, we have agreed to produce large batches of these games. By this, Uchibacoya has become the official publisher and distributor for Japanese market.

September 2019: Export

In the second half of September, we have made deals with retailers from several countries (USA, UK, Romania, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden ...) for export of small or large quantities of our games. Tank Chess is still our best export item. Small batches in Dutch and Danish language are already produced (or prepared).


Beside Tank Chess, we have exported other our games: expansion Fun Set, Water Polo, Mortar Hunt and Mini Golf. For our collaborator in Japan, we have made a batch of Fun Sets in Japanese language.


Most of the goods are already shipped, and some orders are scheduled for October.

September 3rd, 2019: A beginning of export to Japan

As previously announced, we have made a full Japanese version of Tank Chess, and the first quantity is shipped to Japan.

August 25th, 2019: Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 preorder period starts

The preorder period will last until December 15th, 2019.



August 2019: Tank Chess in Japan

During the Kickstarter campaign, Tank Chess was very popular among Japanese backers. A number of praiseful articles in Japanese sites contributed significantly to this.  

Since we started selling TC through our site, a large portion of customers is Japanese, which made us explore the web in order to find any content in Japanese related to Tank Chess (タンクチェス). We were pleasantly surprised to find out how much people have written about this game.

A site very similar to BGG has a page dedicated to Tank Chess and Fun Set  

Another positive review caught our eye  

Some of the players have made efforts in presenting the rules in Japanese  

There is also one recorded game  

One fan made several homemade copies of the game and presented the whole process in detail on this blog

The following links are just a part of the content we came across and a common feature is that they all praise the game, the quality of the components, and especially the gameplay.  

We are currently working on a version of Tank Chess and Fun Set in Japanese that will be available soon.

August 5th, 2019: A beginning of export to China

The first quantity of full Chinese version of Tank Chess is shipped to China!

July 2019: Tank Chess and Fun Set versions in French and Spanish

Immediately after the Tank Chess Kickstarter Campaign, many of our backers translated the rules and the brochure into their languages. Now we have prepared the games completely in French and Spanish and they are available for purchase through our site.

July 12th, 2019: Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 campaign ends

During this campaign, that lasted only 16 days, Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 was supported by 113 backers ($ 9525). This time, the shipping costs are to be added to the reached sum separately, through the BackerKit pledge manager, and BackerKit will also allow ordering many add-ons to the game.

July 2019: Second batch of the FT1P game

The first batch of the FT1P game attracted so much interest that a second batch was done just 6 months after the first one.

June 26th, 2019: Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 KICKSTARTER IS ON!

Due to some new procedures introduced by Kickstarter, our campaign for the game Panzer Strike: Western Front 2 started two days after the announced date.

June 16th, 2019: New campaign announcement - Western Front 2

The second game in the Western Front series is about to have its Kickstarter campaign. New terrain, which combined with the WF1 board offers a unique and spectacular battlefield, along with some novelty elements and new scenarios, guarantees countless hours of fun. Simple, yet immersive and amazingly deep, the second part of this tactical simulation is ready to go worldwide!

May 2019: Holy Memo and Life Pilgrimage

By request from an NGO Iuventa, we’ve made a mini-series (2x25 copies) of the games Holy Memo and Life Pilgrimage. As the people from Iuventa told us, we were the only company from Serbia and the region that satisfied all their demands, and only we could make a game in small series by European standards.

May 2019: The 3rd prototype of the Flying Saucers game sent to Germany

Due to many commitments for both Forsage Games and Spieltrieb, the Flying Saucers project still hasn’t been realized but it is being worked on intensely. Not long ago, we sent two prototypes of the newest version of the game to our German partner. Stay tuned for more news in the months to come.  

April 30th, 2019:

WeGame Festival

Igrocult presented the Tank Chess game at the WeGame festival in Kiev.

April 2019: Final equipping of the workshops

In the news from September 13th 2018, we announced that we’d rented another workshop. At that time, we only partially equipped the first floor, and during April, we completely equipped the second level with 3D printers.

April 10th, 2019:

The Backer Kit preorder period is over

The preorder period on Backer kit for the Panzer strike project was completed on April 10th. The response was unexpectedly good, especially form the backers who added many items to their original Kickstarter pledge, and so over $7000 were collected.

March 2019: Articles about Tank Chess

Two more favorable articles about Tank Chess and its expansions.



vest 12.PNG
vest 13.PNG

March 21th, 2019: The Panzer Strike: Western Front preorder period starts

After previous Kickstarter campaigns, we did not use any Pledge Manager platforms for preordering. Now, however, we have decided to use the Backer Kit platform because they offer some possibilities that are highly regarded from our part. The preorder period will last until 10th April 2019.

March 17th, 2019:

Realistic pieces

As a special add-on during the Tank Chess campaign, we offered a realistic pieces expansion. Initially, the pieces should have been printed using common 3D printers, but we later decided to produce them in a much better SLS technology (see the news from 22nd July 2018). Therefore, we had to adapt all models for the new production technology. The production of the entire series has been completed and what follows is the shipping.

March 4th, 2019: JATAČENJE

On March 3rd and 4th, Forsage Games attended a boargame event “Jatačenje”, held in Kragujevac, and presented the game Tank Chess.

February 2019:

Tank Chess in Russian!

February 2019: Board game FT1P

Forsage Games was ordered a series of 1000 copies of the FT1P game by a Serbian company "Knjiški moljac". The author of this game is Milan Trbojević, and its topic are Serbian corporate tax regulations.

February 2019: An article about our Panzer Strike: Western Front campaign

Our Western Front campaign has been gaining extensive coverage from around the map. Here is one of the articles that explain in detail everything you need to know about the project and the game itself: LINK

February 7th, 2019: The Panzer Strike campaign ends

Over the past 25 days, we’ve raised $25,019 in order to bring this game to life all over the world. During the last minutes, the third stretch goal was reached.

January 2019: Tank Chess in homemade variants

Tank Chess is gaining on popularity and it is being played all around the globe. The fans of the game are very resourceful in making their own copy which only proves that for a great game like this the material of which it’s made plays a secondary role.  

January 25th, 2019: Central Square

Central Square is an expansion for Tank Chess that was offered in two sizes just before the end of the campaign on Kickstarter, but it gained great popularity due to the attractiveness of the 3D board. The serial production has been completed and what follows is speedy delivery.

The campaign started this afternoon and it will last until February 7th. Our initial goal was reached in ten minutes, while after three hours $10000 were raised.

January 13th, 2019: Our third Kickstarter campaign begins!

January 5th, 2019: Rollup - new Tank Chess version

A new version of the Tank Chess – a Rollup game was released and made available on our site. The boards are made of canvas, and the packaging is in the shape of a tube. The size and shape of all other elements are identical to those of the TC Main game.

January 4th, 2019: Fun Set (Main game)

Not long after the completion of the tank molding tool for the Fun Set expansion, we started the serial production and deliveries.

December 30th, 2018:

Panzer Strike: Western Front - soon on Kikstarter

The game that was created back in 2006 will soon have its campaign on Kickstarter!

December 24th, 2018: The Fun Set molding tool is finished

After a few tweaks, the tool for molding the Fun Set expansion pieces is complete.

December 8th, 2018: Tank Chess is finally available through our website

After the Kickstarter campaign, our priorities were to prepare for the production in large series and to deliver all the rewards to the Tank Chess Kickstarter backers. After many challenges we've been handling on the run, we've finally, by request from many gamers around the world, started to sell some versions of Tank Chess and some complementary add-ons through our website.

December 2018: Reviews about Tank Chess

Tank Chess is a game which full qualities can be grasped only after playing a dozen games. It's even more pronounced if the players are equally experienced, since the games between the players who are approximately at the same level are the most interesting ones. We, as authors, are still often amazed by the depth you can encounter in some situations, even with the standard obstacle setup, not to mention when we test new setups and schemes.


The artwork of the game is not very ambitious on purpose because we wanted to emphasize the game mechanics. We're still waiting for the positive reviews from around the world but we're aware that it will be a slow process as the distribution of the games is going step by step on its own. For now, we've selected three articles:


"While this may not satisfy the diehard war scenario game player, it is in my mind just the right game to get a feel for tactics."

- Calvin Daniels ( link 1 , link 2 , link 3 )


''Za razliku od svog indijskog pretka, ova igra je dinamičnija, zanimljivija i neuporedivo varijabilnija.'' (Unlike its Indian ancestor, this game is more dynamic, more interesting and offers incomparably more variety.)

- Danko Petrovic ( link 1 , link 2 )

"Tout en se reposant sur des règles simples et logiques, TANK CHESS vous promet un vaste domaine d’exploration théorique. GÉNIAL !"

(While based on simple and logical rules, TANK CHESS promises you a vast field of theoretical exploration. BRILLIANT!)

- Chatelain Philippe ( link )


We've also picked one of the comments that summarize the first impressions about Tank Chess.


"Few rules, great depth and balance, infinite longevity. For me it is already a classic."

- Massimo Aversa ( link )

November 30th, 2018: Mortar Hunt

The game Mortar Hunt we announced in August has been produced in two versions: in a hard box (16x24x4 cm) and as a Light edition.

November 15th, 2018: New releases of Water Polo and Mini Golf

The game Water Polo has received a makeover in form of a Light edition, while Mini Golf has two new editions: Light and Pocket. The prices of these versions are lower than the one in the standard box (24x24x4 cm).

November 9th, 2018: Starting to export Tank Chess

The retailers who ordered their copies of Tank Chess during the Kickstarter campaign and proceded with the full order were sent their packages. All the boxes have the printed logo of their company on them.

October 2018:  FUN SET

Before the start of the Tank Chess Kickstarter campaign, we decided to offer as well an expansion that contains 14 new types of pieces and 4 new types of obstacles/mines. The Fun Set proved to be a hit because the vast majority of the backers (and all the retailers) ordered it along with the Main game, and, in addition, all the distributors we are currently negotiating with are interested in this expansion.


In order to be able to quickly produce all the ordered sets in high quality, we decided to make an injection molding tool for the Fun Set plastic pieces along the tool for the Main game pieces. The first tool was done in June this year, and the production of the Fun Set one is in the final stages.


Since we were waiting for the Fun Set tool to be done, we used the time to upgrade the Fun Set further.  We introduced two new types of obstacles that will make games much better and even more diverse. That addition required a complete rework of the instruction manual and the Fun Set brochure, which, indeed, took a lot of time, but we are very pleased with the outcome.


Due to these changes, we had to delay the delivery of Fun Sets in the Pocket and Deluxe sizes, although most of the pieces were produced on our 3D printers during August and September. The shipping began in October, and the last copies will be delivered in early November.

25 September 2018: Tank Chess video reviews

Our game Tank Chess is slowly gaining popularity. Take a look at the following links:

13 September 2018: New workshop

Our family company works in several separate spaces. Our design studio and 3D printing workshop are located within our house (see news April-May 2018). In addition, we rent two more workshops. One is the main workshop that has a loft that we use as an office. Another one serves mostly as a warehouse, but there were also a punching machine and a packing machine. However, there wasn’t enough room for work, so we also rented a third workshop that is bigger than the first two. We moved the two machines to this new space so now the conditions for work are much better. This workshop also has an attic, which so far hasn’t been arranged but in the near future, we will probably move there our 3D printers. All three rented workshops are located in the same craft center and are about ten meters away from one another.

23 August 2018: Tank Chess - LIGHT EDITION

The game Tank Chess was offered in three basic versions during the Kickstarter campaign (plus the expansions and some special variants):

- For the basic version of the game, a plastic injection molding tool has already been made and the game has been produced in enough quantities for all backers, retailers and for future sales through the web store. The production of the cardboard elements is done by the renowned company INPRINT from Cacak, the company DMS Plast from Belgrade is in charge of the molding of the pieces, while the final assembly and packaging is done in our company;

- The Deluxe version, for the time being, isn’t planned in a serial production, so we’ve made enough copies for all Kickstarter backers and further sales through our site, but not for retailers;

- The Pocket version has created great interest and the production is currently in progress for all backers and retailers who ordered through Kickstarter. However, there is a bottleneck in production, which is the production of pieces on 3D printers, so we are never going to be able to offer this version of the game in large series.


Instead, we decided to create another version of the game that will be based on the molded pieces we already have the tool for – the Light version. We‘ve already made a series of 800 sets. Unlike the Pocket version, the box contains both boards (16x16 and 20x20). The box is slightly smaller than the Main game box (20x24x3 cm instead of 24x24x4 cm), and it is made (as well as the boards) of thinner cardboard. Although it contains almost all the elements the Main game contains, the price of this version will be more than three times lower. We believe this edition will be extremely popular in the coming period.

8 August 2018: Another new game - MORTAR HUNT

It could be stated that this game is just one special scenario for playing Tank Chess. Although the rules of movement and shooting are almost identical, it is still a separate game because it requires each player to have their own board (12x9 squares). The boards are separated by an obstacle, so the players cannot see the opponent’s pieces and their formation. The aim of the game is to locate and destroy the opponent’s Mortars (there are 3 on each side) by shooting over the obstacle in the middle. Each move has to be written down in a pad (you write down coordinates of the pieces that moved and the coordinates of the square targeted on the opponent's half). The game relies on a special psychological factor because the player is required to use their intuition to determine where the opponent could move their Mortars and which way they will run when under pressure.


Similar to the Tankball, we made several prototypes and soon we will produce the first larger batch of the Light version and a smaller batch of the standard, high-quality variant.

22 July 2018: Collaboration with Voxellab

During the Tank Chess Kickstarter campaign, we offered as an add-on a set of 38 realistic tank pieces in two sizes: standard and enlarged. The backers’ interest was exceptional so around 6000 pieces will be produced. The molding tool for the high-end production of such pieces would cost tens of thousands of dollars, with an uncertain end date and with, probably, not quite perfect castings. Therefore, we planned to produce these pieces on our 3D printers. Although we believe the backers would be satisfied with the pieces, we tried to find an even better solution for really top quality pieces. Voxellab company from Belgrade has much more advanced 3D printing technology than us – SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), so we formed a long-term cooperation agreement with them, on mutual satisfaction. This is especially important for our future war games projects where we plan to use a large number of realistic pieces that represent tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.

The pieces in the photos are white because the production process requires that the coloring is done at the end when all the pieces have been printed.

14 July 2018: New game - TANKBALL

The molding tool for plastic pieces for our game Tank Chess contains a total of 12 pieces, out of which one model is repeated three times, one twice, and the other ones only once. Most of these pieces are intended for the basic game, while others are part of the Fun Set expansion. Since it was impossible to make a tool that will contain all the pieces according to the exact quantity needed for the basic game, we started thinking how to use the surplus pieces and soon we came up with a new game: TANKBALL. It uses two types of figurines called Light and Heavy Tanks (in the game Tank Chess, they have the role of Recon Tank and Super-heavy Tank).

The development of this game went very smoothly since it uses some of the principles and mechanics used also in our games Football and Delfinarium, as well as in Tank Chess:

The game is very simple and dynamic, and it is intended for all ages. We’ve made several prototypes and soon the game will be released in two versions: standard (Main) and Light. The game doesn’t contain many elements (8 tank pieces, 1 ball piece, 3 dice, and a board) so both variants will have a fairly low price.

5 July 2018: Agreement with DHL

DHL, the world's largest courier delivery service has recognized the potential for collaborating with our company, so they offered us a long-term cooperation contract intended for important clients. Their services are indeed quite expensive, but they have adjusted their price list and offered the same price for all shipments up to 1500 grams, no matter the destination (the closest being Croatia and Hungary, and i.e. Australia as one of the furthest). We are satisfied with the terms so the contract has been signed and from now on we will also use DHL services for shipping. For shipments lighter than 1500 grams and for some nearby countries, we will continue to use Post Express services.

25 June 2018: The Tank Chess shipping starts

As promised to the backers during the campaign, the shipping of the basic version of Tank Chess has started in June. Soon we will start shipping other versions of the game.

We have invited all of the backers to take a photo while playing Tank Chess or with a Tank Chess box near a landmark in their current place of residence and to publish it on Facebook and Instagram. The best photos will be rewarded in October 2018, December 2018 and February 2019. More details at:

12 June 2018: The molding tool is done

To fulfill the needs of the serial production of the game Tank Chess, we have made a molding tool for the plastic pieces. The process of making this tool has several phases and is a very complicated task. We are very pleased with the looks and the quality of the molded pieces. This molding tool permits us to make large batches of the basic Tank Chess game very quickly. Currently, the molding tool for the Fun Set is being done.


May 2018: Banzai magazine

A Japanese printed Banzai Magazine dedicated their front page as well as 7 pages to our games. Following the introduction: "Get ready for some Serbian war games", they published a few articles about our war games that are currently being sold in Japan. We are especially proud of the interview where Predrag (founder of Forsage Games) explained how it all started and what was his inspiration for creating board games. That interview can be read here.

May 2018: New edition of the board game Water Polo

The new edition of Water polo has improved mechanics and some additional rules. As far as we know, our game is the only one in the world that represents a simulation of the Olympic sports of water polo.

April – May 2018: New design studio

The great success of our Kickstarter project allowed us to modernize our workshops and our design studio. In the future we will have far better working conditions and soon we will even be able to make large batches in our own workshop.

All of our games come wrapped according to international standards. In order to speed-up that process and to improve precision, we have acquired a semiautomatic machine SMIPACK SL55 that does sealing and shrinking of the film in one operation. That machine is now in our new storage department.

April 2018: New wrapping machine

March 2018: Exporting to Japan

Since recently, a few of our war games are available in Japan!

February 23rd – 25th: International Games Festival in Cannes

At the end of February we were in Cannes at the International Games Festival, which is one of the biggest game festivals in Europe as the board games are concerned. We put all the emphasis on Tank Chess, so we presented the basic version and the prototype of the 3D expansion that attracted a lot of attention. We played dozens of games with the visitors, mostly on the 16x16 sq. board so the public could familiarize themselves more quickly with the basic rules, and the game was received really well. We were once more assured that the basic rules are very easy to learn even for the kids under the age of 10, but at the same time the game provides enough depth to be very compelling to expert strategists, avid chess players, etc.

January 13th: 3D printers

As a part of the preparations for the serial productions, we’ve acquired two more 3D printers that will be put to work on the realistic tank models. For the regular, stylized pieces we decided to order some plastic molding tools that will speed-up the serial production, since the number of backers and the interest from retailers from all over the world greatly surpassed our estimates.

January 2018: Tank Chess in the media

Although our company hasn’t invested any money in advertising, many articles about Tank Chess were published during the campaign, which means that the editors and journalists have recognized the quality and the potential of the game. It’s needless to say that the reviews have been extremely positive and that it certainly helped the Kickstarter success!

January 4th 2018: End of campaign

Our Kickstarter campaign has just finished and we are speechless! After some intense and mostly sleepless 25 days, our project has managed to attract more than 2000 backers and raise a sum that is 50 times bigger than what we asked for. A big thanks to all of you who have made this project come to life!

A special thanks to all the people who actively participated in our campaign with their comments and suggestions as they’ve helped this game to be even better. We strived to answer all your questions and at the end we strongly feel we’ve built a good community around this project and we hope it will grow a lot in the time to come. Thank you all!

December 15th 2017: GAMES CON

Right after the start of the Kickstarter campaign, we were invited to present Tank Chess at Belgrade’s GAMES CON that took place from 15th to 17th December. We are very glad to have had the opportunity to meet the community this way and to answer all the questions regarding the project and the game itself.  After that, we are convinced Tank Chess will have its place amongst the most popular games on Serbian market in the future.

December 13th 2017:

Torpedoes Away!

A respectable magazine which writes about historical themes, ARMCHAIR GENERAL (with columns: War College, Stuff We Like, History News, Tactics 101, Carlo D’este, Acg Magazine, Books, Electronic Games, and Boardgames), has published a very positive article about our game "Naval Battle in Archipelago" with title Torpedoes Away! 

December 10th 2017: Start of the campaign

Our long-awaited campaign for the abstract strategy Tank Chess on Kickstarter has finally started! We hope to raise enough funds to be able to bring this awesome game to all the strategists, chess players, tank aficionados and board game lovers out there and we sincerely believe that this project has all it takes to become one of your favorites!

Alongside the two basic game versions, a standard one and a pocket one, you can expect a few expansions and also some pleasant surprises such as gifts for contributors and KS exclusive content. On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some of our other games as add-ons at KS discount prices.


The campaign lasts until January 4th 2018. Make sure you follow it, so you don’t miss out on anything:

December 2nd 2017 – Appearance at the Krack fest 2017

On Saturday, December 2nd, we had the pleasure of presenting our new Tank Chess project at the Festival of board gaming and pop culture – Krack fest, that took place in the city of Kragujevac from 1st to 3rd of December.


At the panel on the board game development in Serbia, we were announced as the only creators of board games from Serbia that had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and delivered all the copies of the game to the backers. Our experience and observations presented during the panel were very valuable to the public, due to the fact that several groups of authors that were present are currently preparing their KS projects.


It’s worth mentioning that the reactions to our first KS game Naval Battle in Archipelago were extremely favorable and we were convinced once more that we, as Forsage Games, are on the right track.

November 2017: Preparing a new Kickstarter campaign:

TANK CHESS is coming!

In the 25 years of designing board games, Forsage games has created dozens of great concepts and entire games and some of them will be presented during our future Kickstarter campaigns.


As our followers on social networks probably know, last few months we have been announcing a Kickstarter project that involves a game called Jump Jet Maneuver. However, due to the fact that we want to surprise our fans right before the end of 2017, we are happy to reveal that our next KS project will be a game called Tank Chess!


The game Tank Chess had its first edition in 2016; since then, we have added many new game mechanics and features as well as some new pieces, making it a completely new and enriched experience.


The likely start of our Tank Chess campaign will be on December 10th. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for the updates!

October 2017: Setting up the new workshop

We are proud to say that we have the means to produce almost all of the elements for any board game by European or global standards in our two workshops. However, we continue to rely on the services of other companies for high quality digital printing (DigitalArt) and paper lamination (Alfa plast).

Our new workshop can fit up to five workers at a time. At the lower level we have, among other things, a newly acquired punching machine for boxes and small elements (markers, counters, hexes, etc.). The estimated production rate is around 400 copies of the game per month.

We are also planning to purchase some new machines and tools as well as to rent some more space that connects to our new workshop.

29th September 2017: A new workshop

In order to increase our production capacities, we have decided to rent another workshop. It’s not too spacious, but it has two levels, so it’s sufficient for our current needs, considering that our main computers, the 3D printer and a small production line will remain in our old workshop.

September 2017: Exporting to Bosnia and Herzegovina

We have exported a large number of our games made for the Serbian and the regional markets to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The games that are now available in Bosnia and Herzegovina through retail are: Dogfight, Naval Battle in Archipelago, Panzer Strike: France 1940, City Rally, Tiger in hunt, Pretty girl, Pony express and Aquateca 3+1.

May - August 2017: All Kickstarter orders delivered

The project "Naval Battle in Archipelago" was completed successfully and the games were delivered to all Kickstarter backers. The order of shipping (by countries and continents) was: Serbia and region - Asia - Australia - Canada - USA - EU.

There were many unknowns during the process of shipping, and also quite a few additional expenses, but we managed to overcome all of it and to learn a thing or two, so we’re certain everything will be easier and faster in the future.

April 2017: Die cutting machine

In order to make different size boxes, counters, markers, cards and similar paper and cardboard elements, we've acquired a rotary die cutting machine. It's on the smaller size and it's adequate for small to intermediate series.

5th February 2017: "Soft" editions

In progress is production of game Naval Battle in Archipelago for those who backed it during Kickstarter campaign and during pre-order period. All of the options are too expensive for gamers from Serbia. Therefore we have produced new version of the game which is much cheaper, but keeps the essence of the game. By complexity it is something between Pocket and Basic variants. Because of tools used for producing these "soft" games - always are done at least two games in series. The second game produced is Panzer Strike: France 1940. Both games have variant on English language.

30th January 2017: New games in offer

During January we have added several games in offer.

- Water Polo game had its first edition in 2006. Now it is radically improved. According to BGG, this is the only board game on this theme. For now it can be purchased only here, at a promotional price.

- Panzer Strike: France 1944 is a game we are  working on for years. For now we have prepared its Pocket edition.

- Game "Harriers in Action" now has an expansion included - additional board and pieces.

25th January 2017: Beginning of production

Pre-order period for game Naval Battle in Archipelago has ended. Now we are beginning with production of cardboard elements, and plastic pieces are already being 3d-printed.

December 2016: Successfully funded!

Game Naval Battle in Archipelago is successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Until 25th January 2017 it is possible to pre-order it on PayPal.

November 2016: Our first project on Kickstarter

After development (since 2012) of several versions and prototypes, game Naval Battle in Archipelago is ready for Kickstarter.

July 2016: New prototypes sent to Germany

After suggestion that game Flying saucers could be richer, we have worked intensively on the expanded version. Many new elements and scenarios are added in the game... Two prototypes were sent to Germany for thorough examination. We expect that the project will be implemented in the first half of 2017. Game title will probably be changed.

May 2016: New editions

We've done a few more games in small batches on Serbian and / or English language: Harriers in action, Naval battle, Tank Chess, Mini golf and some children games.

April 2016: Collaboration with Spieltrieb

On internet we have established contact with publisher Spieltrieb from Germany. We agreed on collaboration in publishing game Flying Saucers. A prototype is been sent for review.

March 2016: Making of preproduction copies for the game Sacred Drop

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Our company offers authors possibility to make prototypes and small batches of their games. The most promising project (in our opinion) for which we have made prototypes is game Sacred Drop (mini batch of 15 copies). The authors are now intensively working on finalizing the game and will probably be on Kickstarter soon.

February 2016: Panzer Strike: France 1940

After we sent two different copies of the game in Museum of the Second World War, we have produced a small batch with English rules.

January 2016: Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk ordered our games

The world's foremost Museum of the Second World War from Gdansk (Poland) has ordered five of our games for their exhibition ''History on board''. Some of the games ordered were not ready for production, but we did our best to make copies of excellent quality.

December 2015: Production of Memory game ''Seti se'' for Montenegrin company Fleka

In very short period (three days) we produced 150 copies of Memory board game ''Seti se'' for renowned Montenegrin agency Fleka.

October 2015: Convention Octogônes

Our collaborator Pascal Donjon presented our game Flying Saucers (Les soucoupes volantes) on Convention Octogônes in Lyon.

September 2015: New editions on Serbian language

Due to high demand we again printed games in large batch for regional market. Those are 6 games (mostly family and children games): Pony Express, Pretty Girl, Tiger in hunt, Dogfight, Aquateca 3 + 1 and City rally.


July 2015: New game - Tank Chess

In a conversation between the authors on the topic of abstract games, we've come up with a new game: Tank Chess. It is conceived on the basis of our realistic war game Panzer Strike.

May 2015: Editions on English and French language

Games ''Battle for Belgrade'', ''Battle of France'', ''Flying saucers'' and ''Flying saucers junior'' are translated on English and French language (French translation - Mr Pascal Donjon). Game Battle for Belgrade got new name (Eng and Fr) - 1941: Fire in the sky above Belgrade.

In May were produced smaller series of these games in the new standard box dimensions: 24 x 24 x 4 cm. These are the first of our games exported on West European market.

March 2015: New box format

All games that were previously done by European standards were in boxes dimensions 34 x 24 x 5 cm. However, many games did not have enough rich content that could fulfill such a large box. So we did another standard box of smaller dimensions: 24 x 16 x 4 cm. During March and April was made several small batches of mainly children games in that box: Formula 1, World of Silence, Photo safari, Pony Express and Star Trails.

January 2015: Singidunum

Forsage Games published game Singidunum. Author and designer of the game is Pascal Donjon, professional interpreter from France, who lives in Belgrade.

December 2014: Naval battle and Harriers in action

New, improved versions of Triangle system games Naval battle (with expansion) and Harriers in action. Only prototypes are made.

November 2014: Flying saucers junior

During development game Flying saucers (Leteci tanjiri) became more complex than first version. Therefore was made game Flying saucers junior which kept simplicity.

April 2014: Battle of France / Battle for Belgrade

Game Dogfight has two levels: in the first are single engine fighters from WW2, and in the second level are modern jets. Levels of the game were divided in separate games. From first level was developed game Battle of France. In the game are introduced twin engine fighters. The same game with different planes is Battle for Belgrade.


From second level of game Dogfight originate game Dogfight jets. The game is in development.

September 2013: Production by European quality standards

After Festival in Cannes 2013 we decided to start producing games by European standards. In September we produced first batch of game Flying saucers. By the end of the year are done two small batched of game Dogfight, and after that: Formula 1, Photo safari, Pony express, Star trails and World of silence. All games are in box size: 34 x 24 x 5 cm. During this period we have made new tools and initiated production. The difficulties encountered were solved 'on the go'.

February 2013: Board game festival in Cannes

On Board game Festival in Cannes 2013 Mirage design team was exhibitor. Over ten of our games were shown. We are very satisfied with audience reaction. Particularly were notable games Tennis, Football, Flying saucers and Airtrace.