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Forsage Games was founded in 2004 by game designer Predrag Lazovic. Predrag created his first game in the 1992-94 period. The game was finally published in 1996 in Serbia under the name “Saratoga” as a part of a set with two of his more simple games. In the following years, several publishers from Serbia published a dozen of Predrag's games. Among them were games of various types and for different audiences: family games, children’s games, warfare and sport simulations, etc.


From 2004 all games were published by Forsage company or in collaboration with other publishers. Until today over 60 games have been published. They have been produced according to local standards because their primary markets are Serbia and the region. Since 2013 Forsage Games has been producing games by European and American standards.

Besides Predrag, on the creation of some of the games collaborated Stefan Kovljanin, Wojka Ketvok and Dragan Lazovic. Stefan is the co-author of several games: Airtrace, Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc. Wojka was the lead designer for several family and children games, such as Pretty girl and Pony express. In recent years, all the games have been radically improved in terms of rules and design and Dragan Lazovic gets the most credit for that.


Recently, our company has had a breakthrough on the global market, thanks to multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. In the future, Forsage Games will prepare many more projects for Kickstarter and international market.


Forsage Games produces games in large batches for regional and world markets. The printing is done by a contracted printing office, and the whole assembly is done in our company.

In 2013 our company started producing games by European and American quality standards. After successful Kickstarter projects we have expanded the capacities of our workshop so we’re able to produce games in larger batches. Also, we have acquired new machines and 3D printers that allow us to produce all the elements of any of our games all by ourselves.

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