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Comments for game Naval Battle in Archipelago from BGG and Kickstarter


"My son and I played two battles, mind you the same scenario of capturing of one of the central islands. And I can tell you both of them were EPIC! With all capitals! ...  Naval Battle in Archipelago is a real game for a real wargamer. Hours of fun and tough situations from which you can always make a story and leaves you asking for more." ;

"For those that want a game that's still a wargame and fun, this game lives up to the promise as advertised. The fun factor is completely off the charts. Quality is above average for the price paid. The game absolutely meets its design intention. I am so glad I bought it." ;

"very VERY impressive! Well done!" ;

"Packed full of stuff. looking forward to playing. well worth the wait." ;

"Very happy, an excellent tactical game!" ;

"Wow. ... a lot of game in one tiny package. I am very pleased." ;

"Very heavy box, and filled to the brim!" ;

"Very impressed with the game and looking forward to getting on with learning to play!!

It is everything I thought it would be. Well done Forsage Games great job!" ;

"I am simply AMAZED at all the STUFF in the box! Looking forward to playing it soon! Great job guys! The production is so much better than it should have been for the asking price! You guys did a great job on this! Thankyou!" ;

"It’s really a great game and I got a colossal amount of stuff in the box. If anything you needed a bigger box, at least for the Kickstarter version. I definitely got my money’s worth and it’s quite a lot of fun to play, even with me playing both sides." ;

"Huge, huge fun!"

"I do look forward to more Forsage games in the future. ... I think they should be proud of this game." ;

"It's really a well designed little game. Very fun to play, especially with a point based battle." ;

"Very pleased with the whole thing." ;

"I managed to play only one game till now and it was an epic on the tiny scale. This is not a game it is a campaign setting. There is so many possibilities that you really feel like an admiral of a small country." ;

"All in all solid game system, ease of play, sea of possibilities, game creates a story and a discussion after play, tons of material. Amazing game apsolutne recommendation." ;

''Very nice production quality. ... The publisher definitely went the extra mile on this game." ;

"Naval Battle in Archipelago is one of those board games that you want to have even if you do not know the rules because the graphic is well done. ... I will use only two words GREAT GAME. I wait with impatience the next game of this publisher." ;


"stickers come off very easily ... the boards just lay next to each other and are easily jogged apart (a lot). ... the stands for the aircraft just don’t work well to keep the aircraft above the board. The stand pegs, made up of plastic folded over, tend to fall over due to the stand not pinching the stand peg tightly enough, and even if that problem is solved, the stand bases are too light to hold the mini down without flipping."

"But there is more setup than I thought there would be -- cutting out, peeling, and sticking numbers on every ship (over a hundred); peeling stickers onto dice; cutting out center poles for aircraft, putting arrows together for control panels. It all took me many hours to complete."

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