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There are several scenarios for Basic board. Because islands on it are symmetrically dispersed, all scenarios are mainly symmetric - both players have the same tasks. All of those scenarios can be adapted to the larger board. Of course, total value of pieces and their initial positions should be different. It isn't possible to make a completely symmetric situation, but it isn't necessary.

In the world often Low intensity conflicts (LIC) occur. In those cases, one or both sides is not willing to use all available forces, or the combat is limited only on a small area. Reasons can be military or political. This game represent one complex air-naval exercise where fleets get different tasks. Sometimes, force for accomplishing those tasks are limited. In certain cases it is forbidden to attack some enemy formations or parts of territory. For example, for ecological reasons, it isn't allowed to attack active oil platforms...

In general case, when playing a scenario, destruction of enemy Base A isn't the end of game. Players can destroy objects in enemy bases in order to prevent ship repair and destroy ammunition, if they estimate it will help in accomplishing the main task. For determining the winner, the main task of a scenario is exclusively important.

All chosen or required pieces and bases are always counted in total point value. The first on the turn is the player who has a main mission task to complete, or however it is mutually agreed.

We invite all players to give us scenario suggestions. All scenarios that we find interesting will be published here with name of the author of scenario.

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