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July 2, 2021

Age of Dogfights: WWII - EXPANSIONS

As you may already know, our desire when conceptualizing the Age of Dogfights series of aerial warfare games was to include as many periods, battlefields, and aircraft. That is, indeed, the case with all the individual games in the series, as each of them will have expansions that add more historically accurate content to the game.

As far as AoD: WWII is concerned, we have decided to offer 5 expansions and 3 mini-expansions during the pledge manager after the Kickstarter campaign. In the future, there will be additional ones (Spanish Civil War, Winter War, 1930s, Late 1940s, Fantastic German Projects, Experimental Aircraft, etc.), but, for now, 5+3 is a realistic target having in mind the shipping period.

Most expansions will contain a maximum of 100 tokens + associated control panels + brochure (scenarios and aircraft description) + aircraft chart, and the mini-expansions will have a maximum of 50 tokens + associated control panels + brochure + aircraft chart.

The expansions available during the pledge manager will be the following: Pacific Theater, Blitzkrieg, Eastern Front, African Campaign, and Battle of Britain. Visit our Kickstarter project page for more details about the featured aircraft:
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