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December 2nd 2017

Appearance at the Krack fest 2017

On Saturday, December 2nd, we had the pleasure of presenting our new Tank Chess project at the Festival of board gaming and pop culture – Krack fest, that took place in the city of Kragujevac from 1st to 3rd of December.

At the panel on the board game development in Serbia, we were announced as the only creators of board games from Serbia that had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and delivered all the copies of the game to the backers. Our experience and observations presented during the panel were very valuable to the public, due to the fact that several groups of authors that were present are currently preparing their KS projects.

It’s worth mentioning that the reactions to our first KS game Naval Battle in Archipelago were extremely favorable and we were convinced once more that we, as Forsage Games, are on the right track.
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