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22 July 2018

Collaboration with Voxellab

During the Tank Chess Kickstarter campaign, we offered as an add-on a set of 38 realistic tank pieces in two sizes: standard and enlarged. The backers’ interest was exceptional so around 6000 pieces will be produced. The molding tool for the high-end production of such pieces would cost tens of thousands of dollars, with an uncertain end date and with, probably, not quite perfect castings. Therefore, we planned to produce these pieces on our 3D printers. Although we believe the backers would be satisfied with the pieces, we tried to find an even better solution for really top quality pieces. Voxellab company from Belgrade has much more advanced 3D printing technology than us – SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), so we formed a long-term cooperation agreement with them, on mutual satisfaction.

This is especially important for our future war games projects where we plan to use a large number of realistic pieces that represent tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.
The pieces in the photos are white because the production process requires that the coloring is done at the end when all the pieces have been printed.
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