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October 2018


Before the start of the Tank Chess Kickstarter campaign, we decided to offer as well an expansion that contains 14 new types of pieces and 4 new types of obstacles/mines. The Fun Set proved to be a hit because the vast majority of the backers (and all the retailers) ordered it along with the Main game, and, in addition, all the distributors we are currently negotiating with are interested in this expansion.

In order to be able to quickly produce all the ordered sets in high quality, we decided to make an injection molding tool for the Fun Set plastic pieces along the tool for the Main game pieces. The first tool was done in June this year, and the production of the Fun Set one is in the final stages.

Since we were waiting for the Fun Set tool to be done, we used the time to upgrade the Fun Set further. We introduced two new types of obstacles that will make games much better and even more diverse. That addition required a complete rework of the instruction manual and the Fun Set brochure, which, indeed, took a lot of time, but we are very pleased with the outcome.

Due to these changes, we had to delay the delivery of Fun Sets in the Pocket and Deluxe sizes, although most of the pieces were produced on our 3D printers during August and September. The shipping began in October, and the last copies will be delivered in early November.
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