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February 7, 2021

Mistakes were made…

The Age of Dogfights Kickstarter reward shipping process was briefly put on hold due to an error in prepress which was caught late. We had to print a new series of sheets with bomb and photo markers, because, somehow, probably in transfer from one computer to another, the fonts got altered by mistake, which can be seen in the photos.
Luckily, the printing of the new series did not take much time, so the shipping was resumed swiftly.

However, in the meantime, we noticed more minor errors, but this time, it was on us: the Main Expansion control panels had elements of a previous design, and there was also one number indication missing for one of the planes along with an important spelling mistake. The files were adjusted immediately and the new sheets were printed briefly, so that did not cause any major delays in the shipping of Main Expansions.
This, however, has slowed down the preparation of the PnP files for the Main Expansion a bit. The files for the Basic game are already available, but the Main Expansion ones will be uploaded in a few days.
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