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14 July 2018

New game - TANKBALL

The molding tool for plastic pieces for our game Tank Chess contains a total of 12 pieces, out of which one model is repeated three times, one twice, and the other ones only once. Most of these pieces are intended for the basic game, while others are part of the Fun Set expansion. Since it was impossible to make a tool that will contain all the pieces according to the exact quantity needed for the basic game, we started thinking how to use the surplus pieces and soon we came up with a new game: TANKBALL. It uses two types of figurines called Light and Heavy Tanks (in the game Tank Chess, they have the role of Recon Tank and Super-heavy Tank).

The development of this game went very smoothly since it uses some of the principles and mechanics used also in our games Football and Delfinarium, as well as in Tank Chess:

The game is very simple and dynamic, and it is intended for all ages. We’ve made several prototypes and soon the game will be released in two versions: standard (Main) and Light. The game doesn’t contain many elements (8 tank pieces, 1 ball piece, 3 dice, and a board) so both variants will have a fairly low price.
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