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January 4, 2021

New project announcement

A few years ago, when we got the initial idea for an elaborate aerial warfare game, we immediately started thinking about a whole series of games that would include different time periods and as many different aircraft types as possible. Historically, we wanted to start from the beginning, so it was logical to situate the first game of the series in the context of WWI. However, the period that sparks the most interest in gamers is the period of WWII, which is the most appropriate setting for the second game of the series. Since the production of AoD: WWI is going according to plan, we are using the holidays to announce the Age of Dogfights: WWII project.

The game itself will have similar rules to the AoD: WWI, with significant changes corresponding to the new, more modern aircraft types. The movement rules will include some key improvements that will make movement more flexible, and there will be new game elements such as speed indicators that will have a role in the firing. We will introduce the concept of endurance, new firing positions, etc. It may seem far more complex, but, in reality, it will be as logical and easy to play as the first game of the series.
Regarding the Age of Dogfights: WWII project, the basic game will offer a lot of content, enough for hundreds of hours of gameplay, but there will be several expansions with new aircraft, as well as airplanes in the form of stretch goals. The physical components of the game will be compatible with AoD: WWI, which allows many additional possibilities.
When time allows, we will publish more details about this game so make sure you follow our updates!
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