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November 2017

Preparing a new Kickstarter campaign:
TANK CHESS is coming!

In the 25 years of designing board games, Forsage games has created dozens of great concepts and entire games and some of them will be presented during our future Kickstarter campaigns.

As our followers on social networks probably know, last few months we have been announcing a Kickstarter project that involves a game called Jump Jet Maneuver. However, due to the fact that we want to surprise our fans right before the end of 2017, we are happy to reveal that our next KS project will be a game called Tank Chess!

The game Tank Chess had its first edition in 2016; since then, we have added many new game mechanics and features as well as some new pieces, making it a completely new and enriched experience.

The likely start of our Tank Chess campaign will be on December 10th. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for the updates!
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