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Tank Chess for PC and Nintendo Switch!

Tank Chess is a strategic game played on square boards of different sizes. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s Command Tank or to escape with your own Command Tank through the opposite side of the board. To achieve this objective, players must plan the actions of their Light, Medium and Heavy Tanks carefully, use every opportunity they have to create initiative, but they also have to be ready to adapt quickly to any advance of the enemy forces.

The strategic planning and decision making required are similar to chess, but the engagement at long range, where the piece orientation also matters make this a fresh experience. Each tank type has its pros and cons and it’s up to you to make the best use of their speed, armor and firepower in order to create decisive advantage and secure the victory.

In order to adapt it for PC and Nintendo Switch, we have struck a deal with Brave Giant games from Novi Sad, who will adapt our board game for digital play. Stay tuned for more info!
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