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August 2019

Tank Chess in Japan

During the Kickstarter campaign, Tank Chess was very popular among Japanese backers. A number of praiseful articles in Japanese sites contributed significantly to this.

Since we started selling TC through our site, a large portion of customers is Japanese, which made us explore the web in order to find any content in Japanese related to Tank Chess (タンクチェス). We were pleasantly surprised to find out how much people have written about this game.

A site very similar to BGG has a page dedicated to Tank Chess and Fun Set

Another positive review caught our eye

Some of the players have made efforts in presenting the rules in Japanese

There is also one recorded game

One fan made several homemade copies of the game and presented the whole process in detail on this blog

The following links are just a part of the content we came across and a common feature is that they all praise the game, the quality of the components, and especially the gameplay.

We are currently working on a version of Tank Chess and Fun Set in Japanese that will be available soon.
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