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September 25, 2021

The pledge manager has started

Immediately after the end of the campaign, we announced the pledge manager after the AoD: WWII campaign would be starting in September, and today it is finally live. There was a lot of preparation work to be done because of many expansions and add-ons and we had to consult the BackerKit support many times so they could help us with organizing the shipping exactly the way we agreed with the backers.

During the pledge manager, we will offer 5 expansions that include all the most important battlefields - Pacific Theater, Eastern Front, African Campaign, Battle of Britain, and Blitzkrieg. In addition, there are three 'mini' expansions that contain a slightly smaller number of aircraft packed in a smaller box - Advanced German Aircraft, Special German Aerial Weapons, and Transport Aircraft and Gliders. Also, there will be five 'micro' expansions with additional aircraft (aircraft tokens and control panels, without a box) - American Bombers, British Bombers, British Fighters, Mosquitos, German Fighters.
The lists of aircraft in each expansion will be presented on BackerKit in the relevant description. Note that the stretch goals from the campaign can still be unlocked!
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