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August 2020

The production of Age of Dogfights: WW1 has started!

After the end of the preorder period on BackerKit, we started preparations for the serial production of the game Age of Dogfights: WW1. The main cardboard elements (boxes and boards) will be produced by the printing house Inprint from Čačak. We are very pleased with the quality of these elements produced for the Tank Chess game, so we continue our collaboration. We will produce most of the other elements in our own workshop. We procured some new machines in time, we also have a third workshop, so we believe that the production will go according to plan. We received blank white dice, we ordered cardboard for expansion boxes, we are expecting the plastic boards for markers to arrive, etc.

The biggest uncertainty in the upcoming production is the production of tools for injection molding of plastic stands. For the needs of prototypes and trial series, we made these stands on our 3d printers. Plastic injection tools are necessary for large-scale production. We promised the backers that these stands would be made of transparent plastic, so that is another reason why it is impossible to do it on 3d printers (there is transparent plastic, but the printing technology is such that many layers make too many light refractions and the stand becomes blurry). Due to bad experiences with tools for injection of tank pieces - we decided to hire another company to make tools. We hope that the tools will be ready on time and that the stands will look great.
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