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Age of Dogfights: 1920s (expansion for AoD:WWI)

Age of Dogfights: 1920s (expansion for AoD:WWI)

SKU: G0055

Aircraft from the 1920s are very similar in characteristics to the aircraft that participated in WW1. The biggest difference is in the speed and service ceiling, and some even had more firepower (4 machine guns). Gamers have the opportunity to test whether more agile veterans or fast planes from the 20s will be more successful.


This is not a standalone game – it requires the basic game Age of Dogfights: WWI.

  • Contents:

    - 84 tokens (42 aircraft types from 11 countries)

    - 26 altitude stands (16 x L7, 5 x L6 and 5 x L5)

    - brochure

  • Weight: 0,64 kg

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  • Rules

    [ click here ] Rulebooks and Expansion Brochures

  • Links

    [ click here ] Kickstarter project

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  • Compatible with

    [ click here ] Age of Dogfights: WWI

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