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Carom Mini Golf

Carom Mini Golf

SKU: G0056

Carom Mini Golf is a miniature golf simulation game, with endless possibilities and amazing replayability. The rules for movement and interaction are simple and easy to learn, so you can enjoy your visit to our mini golf course in no time. 


The course consists of 6 holes of different shapes, filled with hexes. The aim of the game is to putt your ball from the tee within the starting zone into the hole on the other side. The score represents the number of strokes needed to put the ball in the hole. After completing the course, the scores on the individual holes are summed up and the player with the lowest score is the winner. 


There are two game modes: Basic and Carom. Basic mode is recommended for your first game, to get the feel of the game ‒ each player plays their turn at the hole uninterrupted, that is, they start the first stroke from within the starting zone, and continue with the strokes until they put the ball into the hole. In Carom mode, however, players alternate after each stroke, and all the balls, once in play, remain there until they’ve been put into the hole. This allows for collisions, which means there is a way to interfere with your opponents’ plans and make them work much harder to get the ball in!


This game allows you to create countless modified courses by placing flat (closed or channeled), vertical, and movement slowing obstacles on basic holes. This will make the game feel new and interesting even after hundreds of games, and, on top of that, designing modified holes can be extremely fun on its own!



  • Contents:

    - Box 24 x 24 x 4 cm 

    - Board 47 x 47 cm 

    - 12 ball pieces

    - 2 initial position markers

    -2 ball pushers

    - 6 dice

    - 18 flat obstacles

    - 6 vertical obstacles

    - 8 movement slowing obstacles

    - 6 cards

    - slider

    - scorepad

    - text booklet & diagrams booklet

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  • Rules

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  • Compatible expansions

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