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Naval Battle in Archipelago - Light edition

Naval Battle in Archipelago - Light edition

SKU: G0030

A realistic tactical simulation of naval combat in the 1970s, for two players. Control your ships and boats to achieve supremacy and win the battle.

This game represents a combat between two fleets in a group of small islands. It can be treated as a real battle, or as an exercise where opposing sides (Blue and Red) fight for supremacy.

This is one of the games with the original Triangle System.

Light edition is a lighter, simpler and cheaper version of the game.

  • Contents:

    Box 34 x 20 x 3 cm (13,5 x 8 x 1,2 in); board 46 x 33 cm (18 x 13 in); 2 control panels; 20 pieces; 2 dice; 88 markers and rulebook.

  • Weight: 0,65 kg

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  • Rules

    [ click here ] English rulebook

  • Links

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