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Realistic tanks for Tank Chess (standard)

Realistic tanks for Tank Chess (standard)

SKU: M0001

Top-quality 3D-printed miniatures at an affordable price. The tanks have rotating turrets and they are compatible with the "Tank Chess: Central Square" expansion and with future editions of "Panzer Strike".


The scale of tanks is 1 : 300

  • Contents:

    - 38 tank pieces:

         4 x Pz. 38 (t) (Light Tank)
         4 x T-50 (Light Tank)
         3 x Pz. IV (Medium Tank)
         3 x T-34 (Medium Tank)
         2 x Tiger (Heavy Tank)
         2 x IS-1 (Heavy Tank)
         2 x Nashorn (Tank Destroyer)
         2 x Archer (Tank Destroyer)
         2 x Sd.Kfz. 250/7 (Light Mortar)
         2 x M21 MMC (Light Mortar)
         2 x Wespe (Light Howitzer)
         2 x M7 Priest (Light Howitzer)
         2 x Hetzer (tank destroyer in the role of Assault Tank)
         2 x M18 Hellcat (Tank Hunter)
         1 x Panther with plow (in the role of Heavy Bulldozer)
         1 x M4A3E2 Dozer (in the role of Heavy Bulldozer)
         1 x Sd.Kfz. 221 2.8cm (Recon Tank)
         1 x Daimler Armoured Car (Recon Tank)

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  • Compatible with

    [ click here ] Tank Chess (standard)

    [ click here ] Tank Chess - Light edition

    [ click here ] Tank Chess - Rollup

    [ click here ] Central Square

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