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Mortar Hunt - Light edition

Mortar Hunt - Light edition

SKU: G0025

A game that requires intuition. To win, you need to predict the movement of the opponent's pieces and to shoot at the right coordinates. However, that's not easy as every shot can reveal the position of the shooter so every hunter can become pray in just one turn.


Light edition is a light and affordable version with all the essential elements. Comparing to the standard version ( link ), it is made of thinner cardboard (box and boards), while the pieces are the same.


Mortar Hunt: Preview

  • Contents:

    - 2 boards 29 x 23 cm (11,5 x 9 in)

    - 8 pieces

         2 x 3 mortars

         2 x 1 howitzer

    - 6 flags

    - 5 round markers

    - 200 square markers

    - 2 pads

    - a screen (with rulebook)

  • Weight: 0,37 kg

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  • Rules

    [ click here ] English rulebook

  • Links

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