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Saratoga is a board game that represents military maneuvers that involve aerial and naval units. It was the first game created by Predrag Lazovic and it was published in 1996. The game pioneered the "Triangle system" of piece movement. These innovative mechanics were so successful and ahead of their time that the authors used them with minor improvements in a whole variety of games that came after Saratoga. This triangle-based movement system made the games realistic, while remaining very playable (quick and dynamic turns).

The first sketch of the board

One of the subsequent sketches

The first prototype suitable for testing

The Triangle system was born: the first sketch

The prototype of the triangle-system board

The final prototype

The second version of

the rules

The fourth version of the rules

The game was copyrighted (patented) in 1994

The box (1996)

The board with pieces and additional elements

A detail of the board

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