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Triangle system

The system is called "Triangle" because the grid on the board consists of equilateral triangles. The vertices of these triangles are to be perceived as spaces the pieces use to move.

The main characteristics of the Triangle system is that one piece represents one vehicle (a plane, a tank, a ship...) and each of them moves individually. In this system, the position of a piece isn’t the only important thing, but also their direction (it depends on the space – vertex – from which the piece came).

The game mechanics are simple – the player rolls dice (one or more depending on the game) and moves one or more pieces on the board. If some piece is in a position to shoot (fire a gun, missile, etc.) – the player rolls a die again to determine if it is a hit or a miss. All these characteristics - speed, range, power, etc. - are interrelated and well-balanced so that we get a realistic battle game that’s still very simple to play.

There are two main subsystems of movement that apply to any moving element. One is applied mostly for slow vehicles, and those that can rotate in place. The other is for fast moving vehicles and flying crafts (planes, helicopters etc.). Besides movement, some actions like "shooting" also use the second movement system - movement of launched missiles, torpedoes etc.

Games that use the Triangle system

The first game with Triangle system was Saratoga, from which new games were developed:

- Harriers in Action (editions: 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2016),

- Naval Battle (editions: 2004, 2007 and 2016),

- Helicopter and Tank Battle (edition: 2004),

- Tiger Meet (edition: 2007).

Harriers in Action - the box (first edition)

Gameplay - the third edition

Naval Battle - the box (first edition)

The first version of the board - detail

Helicopter and Tank Battle - the box

(first edition)

Gameplay - version from 2010 (unpublished)

Tiger Meet (first edition)

In 2010, the game Dogfight was created: it’s a simpler game with a theme similar to the theme of Tiger Meet (without ground targets, only "dogfight"). The game had two levels: WW2 and Modern Jets. The first level of this game served as a base for the development of the "Battle of France" and "1941: Fire in the sky above Belgrade" (same games with different pieces). The second level of this game served as a base for "Dogfight Jets" (still not published).

Dogfight - the box of the advanced prototype showed on Games festival in Cannes 2013

Gameplay - the first version

Battle of France - French edition 2014

Gameplay - the first version

1941: Fire in the sky above Belgrade - Serbian, French and English edition (2015)

Dogfight Jets - prototype

Naval Battle in Archipelago

Boxes - prototypes (October 2016)

Gameplay - prototype (July 2016)

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