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War simulation games

Most of the Triangle system games are war simulation games. However, among war simulation games there are games that don’t use the Triangle system, but the movement system shares a lot of characteristics with it.

One game with a theme of urban tank combat has been in development since 2006. Over ten prototypes of different variants have been made. The initial project had a title ''Urban battle''. and it evolved into a series of games. Later urban battle games were named ''Panzer Strike'' – a WW2 tank battle. The first game was "Panzer Strike: France" which was then divided into ''Panzer Strike: France 1940'' and ''Panzer Streik: France 1944 (I and II)''. Two copies of the game were made and sent to the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.

Early prototypes of "Urban battle":

Prototypes of "Panzer Strike":

"Panzer Strike: France 1944 I" prototype:

Game ''The Siege'' was published in 2006. It was our first game with 3D board. New editions and expansions of this game are in development.

The first prototype

The second prototype

The 2006 edition

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